Sprouts Market coming right up!

With a core powerhouse crew of 5, we completed #300 mini spice displays for Sprouts Market! 
What a wild three month ride this has been! Seemingly impossible at times, Adam had the vision and we all carried the belief that it could be done. We ALL made it happen . . . together.
15,000 + pieces of cutting, sanding, staining, spraying, sanding again, spraying again, assembly, packing and loading 21 pallets with 14 displays on each onto the biggest semi truck ever to leave Crestone full to capacity with handcrafted local goods. WoW.
Big thank you's to Pete Van Horn, Travis Rinaldis, Julian Wade, Mark Potter, McGregor Gaines, our kids, and all of our friends and cheerleaders along the way! We cannot wait to do it again!
Adam and Cristina
*for more in depth story, check out our article in the Crestone Eagle newspaper this month.

Family Affair

Sometimes, the kids help us out.  And when they do, we know they will remember it for the rest of their lives.  Applicable math, creative problem solving, hard work, practicing mindfulness, beauty, team work.  These are the valuable gifts we hope to share with our children as often as we can. We give thanks for this precious opportunity and for these inspiring children. Love to you and yours!

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We have been working on a few projects that are inspiring creatively and exponentially.  Very exciting!  Much of the time, the displays we are working on cannot be shared with our public until the companies launch on their end.  It's like a sweet little secret or a special toy that we keep hidden until that perfect moment.  

This one we can share :) Here's a sweet project for our Friends at One:Eleven.  Love their enthusiasm!  

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Standing Rock FundRaiser

With prayer on our lips and fire in our hearts . . .

UPDATE:  This is an on-going fundraiser for Indigenour organizations & projects.  Look in our Wholesale Gift Shop.

We did it! Our community of allies helped raise $461 for the Sacred Stone camp at Standing Rock in North Dakota! <3 Thank you for stepping up in Solidarity with the Water Protectors and Uniting in this global movement. Thank you Marina, John and the crew at Crestone Spirit Center for hosting this effort.

This donation will help fuel their inner fires as well as help keep them warm as the season changes. In perfect timing, Lisa Bodey will personally deliver firewood from our beloved community to theirs. Thank you One and All!!!!!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin 

New Colorado Proud Line

Team Blue is busting out some creative energy for you! Introducing our Colorado Proud Line. We now offer these wooden stickers, magnets, buttons, and keychains at retail and wholesale prices.

For the complete selection in wholesale, go to our shop: http://www.blueearthdesign.com/products/'

Retail? Check out our Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlueEarthDesign?ref=hdr_shop_menu

 Want custom to your brand or imagination? We gotcha! Give us a call 719-256-4889. We'd love to chat!

Expanding Frontiers

.:. Blue Earth Design .:. is ready to go Retail!

No worries, we will continue to passionately create our beautiful wholesale Product Displays for our beloved <3<3<<,, <3clients well into the future. 
We just thought, "Hey! our displays are so sweet, let's stock 'em with our Art!"
So we did and here we are . . . and you will have to wait :0/ till Monday August 22nd to see the full throttle 1st offering. AND, since we love you sooooo much, we thought we might tease you just a lil' bit!

Thanks for your support, love, and positive vibrations!