Making Products POP!

We love working with our local community when we can.  Our local health food store, The Elephant Cloud, requested Blue Stain Pine shelving units.  We custom built these to fit under their counter to maximize unused space.  Adding our slight curving flare gives it a perfect touch to catch the customer's eye.  Thanks Michelle and Sunia for going local once again!  

Renewable Directions

What can we say?! We LOVE the raw and heartbreaking beauty of this wood. Beetle Kill Pine from forests of the west. 
These trees were taken over by beetles and died, leaving acres upon acres of dead forests behind. The fungus carried through the wood by the beetles leaves this awesomely irregular blue stain, making the finished look one of a kind. By utilizing these downed trees, we are helping clear the forest of a huge wildfire threat while bringing attention to Climate Change. Our daily reminder of our connection to the Earth and our responsibility. 
Tell a friend and thanks for taking a look!

For the Love of our Neighbors...

Blue Earth Design is honored to assist the Crestone End of Life Project. One of the only non denominational open air cremation sites in the U.S., CEOLP helps people connect in a simple and profound way to the sacred passage of death. Making each stretcher is a meditation for us and a deep way to give our respects to our passing community members. Thank you thank you thank you. 
For more info, connect with The Crestone End of Life Project.

Silkscreening Samples

What do you do when a customer doesn't know what finished look they want?  

You give it to them!  

From mahogany, beetle kill, wooden obsidian, to naturally clear, these are the looks we can provide here at Blue Earth.  Plus, they make awesome business cards!  Or coasters or tiles pictures :)  Thanks for looking!

Valley Roots...Keepin' It Local!

Recently, Nick Chambers of Valley Roots connected with us on his local food tasting tour.  He needed a display to show all the goodies that are grown and produced in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.  So, we hooked him up!  The first of more to come, this display includes a laser engraving of his Valley Roots Logo.  

Thanks to San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition for spearheading this project!  Let us know if you would like one of these in your hotel, shop, or store...keeping it local and knowing where your food comes from is such a lovely thing.  Local  jerky, wha?!?! Yum.

Crestone Charter School Mentorship

From original art work to an end table for his mother, Avery created some amazing pieces this year.  But his final project with Adam really produced the goods.  Weeks in the making with curiosity and endurance, the guitar is here!  Bonus:  it makes sound!!!!  Beautiful sounds at that!  

Such a pleasure to share the wood shop with local youth.  Skills to last a lifetime!  Good Luck Avery...and come back to visit :)

Taking her for a test run...

Oh what prototypes may come...

We've been in production and shipping mode most of March and April.  Busy, busy, bbbbzzzzzyyyy.  But this week, we prototyped.  Adam is in full on design realms conjuring the perfect placement for existing and brand new clients.  We can't show you much just yet but we can give you a sneak peek :)  This one is with Beetle-Kill Pine!  Ready for your prototype?  Give us a call and see what creations may come...See ya then!

Spring Time...Here We Coooome!!!

We are starting to see the bees come out of their wintertime nooks!  Crunching snow beneath our feet and white capped mountains still going strong...Springtime in the Rockies!!  

We've been enjoying the "Go Team' attitude, juggling multiple projects, and honing in our silk screening skills.  Our clients this month are amazing, diverse, and good peeps:  O.Pen Vape, Sounds True, Light Stone, Crestone End of Life Project, and Custom Beetle-Kill Cabinets for SkyHawk Construction.  We are blessed!  Thank You!

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