We are Colorado Pround!  Located at the base of The Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, we are ecstatic to be part of re-localizing the light industrial industry.  Our small town team brings big time quality.  We are artists, developers, and manufacturers of product displays working with you every step of the way.  By enhancing your point of purchase presence, we assist you in making your business a stand out success.  We help grow your business with our drop-ship solutions...so you can go almost anywhere on the Planet. 

Speaking of our Blue Earth, we make every effort to streamline our waste production and think of progressive ways to move our projects forward while honoring our precious environment. Offering sustainably forested products including beetle-kill pine, repurposed materials such as barn wood, and no VOC laquers like Bio-Shield, we see a near future when these options will be a no brainer.  Ask us about eco solutions for your product needs.  Where there is a will, there is a way...Team Moto.

{Bonus} In our creative and collaborative work environment, innovation and good vibes naturally thrive.  Good for us and good for you.

Our Origin Story:

Blue Earth Design was originally founded 1997 by Bruce Nygren, master woodworker and all around excellent human.  Landing accounts from Sounds True, Snow Lotus, and other conscious product providers, Blue Earth Design became a leader in product display manufacturing in the transformation industry.  When Bruce knew it was time to move on, Adam Kinney and Cristina Cabeza-Kinney, showed up in perfect timing to take the business to the next level "...it couldn't have gone to better people."  

In 2014, the pair took over the woodshop and headed full on into vision~action mode.  Identifying new markets and the value of a cohesive team, they began assembling a group of local artists and craftspeople to join the fun.. This move came effortlessly along with a pure passion for the creative process.  'Working from within' is the model and handcrafting is their joy.  

The future looks bright from this moment.  Join us.